Guantánamo Public Memory Project

This Week in Guantánamo: 2013 and 1992

April 9, 2013:  U.S. government officials have begun contacting the attorneys of inmates at Guantánamo that are being restrained and force-fed with a rubber tube inserted through their nostril. U.S. officials are scurrying to quell the growing hunger strike by restricting media access, inmate’s access to water, and by force-feeding detainees to ensure the strike does not yield fatalities among the prisoner population.


Inmates participating in the hunger strike are restrained in a chair like this one, fed through a rubber tube inserted into the nostril. Courtesy Wikimedia.

April 7, 1992: Thousands of people gathered in Times Square to protest the U.S. governments’s detention of Haitian migrants at Guantánamo. The protest came one day after a federal court order gave the refugees the right to legal counsel.


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