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This Week in Guantánamo: 2015 and 1994

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July 16th 2015:  Cuban President Raul Castro addressed the nation’s National Assembly in a speech calling for a new relationship with the United States. President Castro called for an end to the animosity between the two nations, dating back to the end of the Cuban revolution in 1959. This speech is part of the recent on-going effort to normalize US-Cuba relations. While the…

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Exciting GPMP News

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In the past few weeks there have been some very exciting developments for GPMP….. First off, three weeks ago GPMP was granted funding from LAMP (Latin American Microform Project) for digitization of The Guantanamo Bay Gazette. Old editions of the Gazette are now being digitized and uploaded to GPMP’s online GTMO archive, hosted by Dloc (The Digital…

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Guantanamo: A Lieux de Memoire

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How can we trust memory? As historians, we strive to be objective as possible. We gather evidence, often basing our arguments on documents that we find in archives. Yet, we have to be able to trust our sources. Oral histories and people’s memories are hardly perfect. Who can remember what exactly happened five or ten…

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