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This Week in Guantánamo: 2014 and 2007

April 3, 2014: The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify the 480-page executive summary of a much larger report on the detention and interrogation program started by the C.I.A. after 9/11. The report has been called both comprehensive and controversial for the level of insight it claims to offer into C.I.A. activities at Guantánamo Bay and beyond.

David M. Hicks

David Hicks

March 30, 2007: David Hicks, an Australian citizen detained at GTMO from 2002 onwards, pled guilty to ‘material support for terrorism.’ A military commission sentenced him to 7 years imprisonment, which was reduced to 9 months under a plea agreement. He completed the sentence in Australia. Hicks was allegedly tortured while at GTMO.

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April 24, 2014 4:06 pmTeresa Patterson Boutte wrote:

No GTMO should NOT be returned to that communist dictator. Those that have fled will attest to the horrible treatment Castro has inflicted on “his” people


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