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Children’s Cries and America’s Lies

Children’s Cries and America’s Lies Thumbnail Image

  Before I started reading about the history of Guantánamo, I thought it was just a jail that the United States used to house its post-9/11 political prisoners. As I began delving into Guantánamo’s history, I was surprised to learn, that the site was also used to detain Haitian and Cuban refugees. I had always…

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The Politics of Nostalgia

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  Is there any danger in fond remembrance? Most people look back on some point in their lives with happiness or even wistfulness; their memories of that time constitute an essential part of their self-understanding. Memory is vital to both the personal/individual and political/collective human experience: oral history projects across the globe have shown us…

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Listening, Knowing, and Guantánamo

Listening, Knowing, and Guantánamo Thumbnail Image

“If someone didn’t live through it, didn’t experience it, they would know nothing about it,” a man I interviewed for another project once told me, referring to a place and time that held deep meaning for him. What can those of us who’ve never been to Guantánamo know about it? There’s knowledge derived from reading…

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Telling a Silenced Story

Telling a Silenced Story Thumbnail Image

Srebrenica, January 1995. Her country in the midst of a civil war, pregnant Hava Muhic, staying in the UN-designated Safe Area, was confident that she would give birth to a healthy and safe child. Half a year later, in July 1995, the baby Hava gave birth to wasn’t breathing and was taken away by the…

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A Difficult History

A Difficult History Thumbnail Image

      Throughout Haiti’s history, it has been a powerful place. From the slave revolt to the populist movements in the late 20th Century, Haiti has been a place that is feared and oppressed by strong global powers. Yet Haiti is not usually discussed in terms of protest and power. As Nancy Dorsinville said,…

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The Human Cost of Legal Exception: Haitian Refugees at Guantánamo

The Human Cost of Legal Exception: Haitian Refugees at Guantánamo Thumbnail Image

  While the current notoriety of Guantánamo Bay is focused on its use as a detention center for alleged terrorists against the United States, this is not the first time in history the island has been used to indefinitely detain individuals. In this photograph, a woman and her children are among the thousands of Haitians…

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