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My Haiti: A Blog Reflection of Working on GPMP

My Haiti: A Blog Reflection of Working on GPMP Thumbnail Image

Working on Guantánamo Public Memory Project has opened my eyes to the ways we form biases, often without realizing it. Before GPMP, there existed My Haiti. My knowledge of Haiti was murky throughout school. I was aware of its existence but had no knowledge of its politics or people. My Haiti was the Haiti of…

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The Gift of an Oral History

The Gift of an Oral History Thumbnail Image

The oral history process begins far before the interview starts. The dialogues are far longer than the soundbite portraits they often become. The process by which a lead – possibly just a name or a phone number – becomes a historical source, is incredibly personal and fraught. A person’s memories are a vast and interesting…

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Prejudice and the Public Historian’s Role in Difficult History

Prejudice and the Public Historian’s Role in Difficult History Thumbnail Image

My classmate and I recently sat down with Harvard Law Professor Deborah Anker for an interview on the role of immigration law in the Haitian refugee crisis at Guantanamo. One of the first court cases that jumped to Anker’s mind was the Supreme Court case Jean v. Nelson (1985). Decided a few years before the crisis, the…

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Imperialism in American History

It is hard to deny that the United States of America is an imperial power. This is clearly seen in the United States’ ongoing actions in Cuba starting in the Spanish American War or the existence of any of our territories. However, being an imperial power does not mesh as well with the American story.…

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Colonel Stephen Kinder Joins the National Dialogue

The Guantánamo Public Memory Project is thrilled to announce that Colonel Stephen Kinder will speak on December 14 at NYU’s King Juan Carlos Center as part of Why Remember Guantanamo? , the 2-day national dialogue to launch our traveling exhibit. Kinder was a celebrated commander of the camps detaining thousands of Haitian refugees seeking asylum in the US.  When Colonel Kinder…

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The legal framework of marginalizing

“The law operates through practices and principles that purport to be objective, impersonal, and neutral, but are, in fact mired in hidden subjectivities and unexamined claims which often serve to denigrate the experiences of marginalized subjects and populations, experiences that contradict or challenge these unquestioned assumptions.” A. Naomi Paik, “Testifying to Rightlessness: Haitian Refugees Speaking…

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An American Concentration Camp

An American Concentration Camp Thumbnail Image

Concentration camp: A camp where persons (as prisoners of war, political prisoners, or refugees) are detained or confined; Internment center by a government to confine political prisoners or members of national or minority groups for reasons of state security, exploitation or punishment. Concentration camps in the Western world, I thought, were sites of human rights…

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Recovering Haitian Stories

Recovering Haitian Stories Thumbnail Image

This image captures the faces of just a very few of the Haitian detainees at the United States naval station at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. They include young and old. Their hands are raised in the air in protest of their captivity behind hurricane fencing. They are unprotected from the sun’s heat. A sign in Haitian…

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Haitian Refugees’ Odyssey by Boat to Guantánamo Bay

Haitian Refugees’ Odyssey by Boat to Guantánamo Bay Thumbnail Image

  I found studying images, maps, and videos of GTMO to be an enlightening experience. The Guantánamo Public Memory Project (GPMP) website covers the history of Guantánamo Bay, Cuban history, as well as news and updates on the post 9/11 era. One of the things that I found especially informative, and that I could to…

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The Haitians and HIV

The Haitians and HIV Thumbnail Image

While researching Guantánamo, I was amazed at how little I actually knew about the history of this US base. For me, Guantánamo was a place where terrorists went to wait indefinitely for a trial that would never happen. My understanding has since changed dramatically. Although the post 9/11 history of GTMO has become a topic…

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